Sunday, August 28, 2011

Puppy Dog Tales

I'm pretty sure the nesting instinct is nature's way of telling you you'll never have time to clean your house again. My house exploded over the past couple of weeks, and  I was hoping to spend nap time today cleaning it. Liam had other plans, though. He was especially crabby today. He took two naps-- one was for 10 minutes in my arms, and the other was on our walk,  which I extended to an hour just for the sake of getting one quality nap.

So, Liam and I spent most of the day reading books and playing games in an effort to keep him happy. (I'm not complaining--it was far more fun than doing laundry and washing dishes.) One of the books we read was Snuggle Puppy. Boynton never fails me. She can take Liam from tears to giggles in a matter of seconds. (I have a video of him giggling as I read this book to him, but I was too lazy to upload it tonight.) We read it three times, and I think Liam would have kept on giggling if I would have read it again.

The second was Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey. I happen to think this book is pretty funny. It's about a dog named Halley who lives with the Tosis family. She has such bad breath, that they decide they need to get rid of her, so the kids try several things to take Halley's bad breath away. In the end, Halley knocks out some burglars with her bad breath and the Tosis family decides to keep her, because life without Halley wouldn't make any "scents." Liam still doesn't like anything that has much of a plot, and he was much more interested in looking at my Parents magazine as I said: "Boy." "Girl." "Baby." "Oh, look, Liam, there's a mommy. She's cleaning her counters. I bet her little boy is taking a nap." But I digress. I think Dog Breath is recommended for ages four to eight, and I think it would be very appropriate for kids that age. If you're into puns, I think you'd find it pretty funny, too.


  1. Aw! Sounds like such a cute book. I will definately check it out. Im away from my blog this week but have some funny guest posts if your interested:)

  2. Great post today. I hope this means everything worked out with your trip :).