Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shake a Leg

Each morning before we left for school, my mom would shout out, "Is everybody ready? Shake a leg," a quote from one of my younger sister's favorite books featuring Elmo. At twelve years old, I was way too cool for Elmo, and I would often just roll my eyes as we hurried out the door.

Recently, I was home visiting and was looking for a book to read to Liam. As I dug through the bookshelves, I found Shake a Leg, and it brought a smile to my face. A flood of memories crossed my mind, from giggling as she sang the "My name is Amber. I live in a hamper." song when I was a toddler to those times when I rolled my eyes at her as a preteen.

It made me realize how important it's going to be to build those memories with Liam, and no matter how often he rolls his eyes at me, 15 years down the road he'll probably appreciate the crazy things I do.

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