Saturday, September 24, 2011

All He Wants to Do is Play, Play, Play

Today is the eighth annual Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play. Liam and I are probably going to celebrate by heading out to  the Giant Pumpkin Festival, but we may hit up a park for some play time, too.

Hearing about the Worldwide Day of Play made me think about how much Liam loves to play already and all of the benefits that come from playing. Here are a few of Liam's favorite activities so far:

-Airplane: Liam loves it when I lift him up on my feet (most of the time). He'll giggle and look around before I bring him back down.

-Blowing Bubbles: Liam is so intrigued by bubbles right now. He'll stare at them as I blow them, and he's still a little shocked when they pop. It's a really fun way to teach babies cause and effect.

-Walking: Liam loves being outside in general, but he especially loves to ride in the baby carrier as we walk around the lake. He's so content looking around at the birds, and the trees, and the squirrels, and the kids splashing around in the water.

-Swinging: This is a pretty new activity for Liam. Now that he's mastered the art of holding his head up, I can put him in one of the baby swings at the park and let him swing for awhile. We're certainly not doing underdogs yet, but he seems to enjoy it. I think this goes hand in hand with his love of being outside. 

-Object naming: Okay, this, by far, does not sound like the most exciting activity on this list, but it seems to keep Liam busy. I put a few household items in a shoe box (everything from one or two blocks to a pine cone to my silicone whisk) and pull them out one at a time, giving him some time to play with each object.

Do your kids like playing? What are your plans for the Worldwide Day of Play? 


  1. I LOVED THE PUMPKIN FESTIVAL LAST YEAR. It was such an amazing fall day.

  2. Isn't it fun when they go from being afraid of the swing to loving it? I agree, my kids want to play all the time. I blog about our different play experiences. I am a new follower from Mom Blog Monday. Vicky @