Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Letter To Liam

Dear Liam,

It's almost been four and a half months since you were born, and I have to say, you've grown way too quickly. I was just thinking about the fact that your cousin was four and a half months old at my baby shower before you were born, and that seems like only yesterday. Now, she's nearly a year old, crawling up and down stairs, and pulling herself up on chairs. Pretty soon, that will be you, and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that.

There are so many things that I don't want to forget. Things like that face you give me in the mornings when I wake you up to feed you before I go to work. It says, "WTF, Mama?" so well, which makes me giggle.

Speaking of giggling, I love how much you giggle. You giggle when I read to you. You giggle at the old ladies at the grocery store. You giggle when your daddy and I play with you. I love that, and I hope it never changes.

Another thing that I hope never changes is how much you love being outside. You look around at the birds and the trees and the clouds, and you just look so content. And I can't help but love that serious face you give me right before you start babbling. It's like you want to let me know that you have something really important to say.  I don't ever want to forget that face.

Yet, there are so many things I can't wait to do with you. I love to watch you grow, explore, and change, and I can't wait to see more. I can't wait until you're able to read me bedtime stories. I hope you're creative, and I can't wait until you're old enough to do projects. I always knew I'd be the type of mom who would perpetually find myself scrubbing finger paint off my walls. (But, please, don't hold me to that.) I can't wait until we can turn you into Rocket Man and make this cereal box guitar. Always remember that your imagination can take you anywhere.

In the meantime, take your time growing up, and always remember that mommy and daddy love you.




  1. I love it! AND I think I want to be rocketman for Halloween:)

  2. i love it. thank you for linking up on my new year new followers blog hop!

  3. Hi I'm a new follower from the new years blog hope. Hope to see you over at my blog sometime!