Monday, September 26, 2011

Pumpkins, and jackets, and chili! Oh, my!

It was one of the most beautiful weekends we've experienced so far-- it's hard to believe we spent it at the Giant Pumpkin Festival, shopping for a fall jacket, and at a chili cookoff.

On Saturday, we went to the Giant Pumpkin Festival. The pumpkin weigh off started precisely in time for Liam's mid-morning nap. So, I took advantage and shopped around at the farmer's market and at a little antique/consignment shop that I love. (Is it a bad thing that the proprietor recognized me as soon as I walked in even though I haven't shopped there in over a year?) We made it back just in time to see the giant pumpkin get weighed--1,075 pounds! Apparently, it was a bad year for giant pumpkin growing. I certainly wouldn't have known the difference. I was pretty amazed with 1,075 pounds.

Poor kid--his hat's too small and his cheeks are red and swollen. Apparently teething is hard work (more on this tomorrow.)

Yep, this bad boy weighed in at 1,075 pounds.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I dreamed of having a little girl with whom I could enjoy mother-daughter shopping trips. Instead, I got a little boy who already hates shopping. But hey, it's good for the wallet. I got in and picked up these items for $13 in under a half-hour.

We finished off the weekend at the Buffalo Roundup Chili Cookoff and Arts Festival. Liam and I don't really like lines, so we didn't try out the chili, but we did squeeze in a few minutes with daddy and enjoyed walking around.


  1. Look at him. So stinkin cute with those pumpkins. I took your blog button on the blogs I love page. I got my site revamped. Take a look and tell me what you think:)

  2. OK the jacket you bought and the hat he is wearing is darn cute. Love! New follower from the hop hope you can come by and visit my site.