Monday, September 19, 2011

A Very DIY Wedding: Shoe Clips

I picked up my first wedding magazine this weekend--Real Simple Weddings. It has lots of checklists, which is exactly what I need. Unfortunately, the checklists start at 9-15 months out. How simple is that? I needed a magazine entitled "How to Plan a Wedding in Less than Four Months While Working and Raising an Almost-Five-Month-Old."

Some of the items on the checklist include:

Set up a wedding website.
Um, does complaining about wedding planning on this website count?

Select and purchase invitations, and hire a calligrapher.
Does trying to convince Craig to take pictures using the photo booth on my computer count?

Send save-the-date cards.
See above. We'll be lucky if we get invitations sent out. 

Start composing a day-of timeline.
Seriously? People start doing this six months out. I'm not sure I would have gotten that done back in my perfectionist days.

 Purchase shoes.
Ahh, yes, finally something I got done on time.

I was inspired by these shoes from Style Me Pretty.

And eventually came up with this:

I used this flower tutorial and used hot glue to attach my finished flowers to some shoe clips I purchased from Etsy. The flower tutorial is great, and I found that I could use different lengths and widths of fabric to create other items like these bobby pins.

Married mamas, do you have any wedding planning advice for me? What things did you save on? What did you splurge on?


  1. Those turned out so cute! I found your fun blog on the {Wow Me} Wednesday link party.

  2. those are super cute - and they look quite affordable!!