Thursday, September 15, 2011

Winter. WTF?

On May 19, when I took Liam to his two-week follow-up appointment, it snowed. In fact it snowed so much that the road leading up to the lodge where Craig works was closed. After he went to work.

If that was not annoying enough, today, on September 15, it is raining and 37 degrees outside. A few people at work had tales of seeing snowflakes as they drove to work. Seriously, Mother Nature? This is how you're going to do me. Forget those balmy fall days and skip straight to snowflakes.

And all this before my baby can grow into his fall clothes. Yesterday, I got to daycare to pick him up and he was dressed in Old Navy shortalls, an argyle sweater vest and a long sleeved onesie. Apparently his two pairs of pants that fit were both in the laundry. Awesome. (P.S. I love his dad's sense of style. Let's layer this argyle sweater vest under a pair of shortalls.)

I am definitely not ready for nine months of you, winter. Please, please please. Bring back those 70 degree days.

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