Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ghoulish Halloween Cards

Liam and I spent our long weekend lounging around the house in our sweats, eating Harvest Soup (butternut squash and apples--delicious) and pears (for Liam -- his favorite so far), and making Halloween cards. 

I originally found this craft on Pinterest. 

Since I don't have a ton of wall space, I decided to make cards for some family members. I happened to have some 4 3/8 X 5 3/4 inch envelopes and some black card stock. All I had to buy was some white Crayola washable paint. 

I cut the card stock into fourths and put the paint on a paper plate. I dipped Liam's feet in the paint and pressed the cards to his feet. Since Liam's kind of a squirmy little boy, they didn't turn out perfectly, but I decided it added character to the cards. This was the perfect craft to do before bedtime -- that way I only got paint on my pajama pants and put Liam in the bath tub as soon as they were done. 


  1. This is so wicked cute!! I love it! Halloween is my favorite day:)