Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gus and Ollie: Escape Artists

Last Christmas, Craig and I took Gus and Ollie with us to my parents' house. My parents live on a farm, eighteen miles from the nearest town. Gus and Ollie are farm dogs at heart -- they hate collars, like to roam in the back yard, and love to chase birds and the occasional deer that attempts to sneak into our yard to eat off of our Crab Apple Tree.

Knowing how much they love to roam, we packed their leashes and decided we would keep them on leashes when we took them outside. Craig's kind of a softie, and he started to feel bad for them, knowing how much they hate collars. So, he decided he would let them off their leashes for a little while. Sure enough, they took off with my dad's hunting dog. A few minutes later, my dad's hunting dog returned with no Gus and Ollie. We hopped into my brother's vehicle and searched for them while everybody else was at church. As the sun set, we were sure Gus and Ollie were gone forever.

As Craig and I were driving back to my grandparents' house, where we had been staying, I began to sob. "How are we going to take care of a kid if we can't even keep track of a couple of dogs?" I said.

"Amber, babies can't just run off," Craig said.

Craig was lucky, because the next morning, we got a text from my brother saying that he'd woken up to find Gus and Ollie lounging on my parents' deck.

Gus and Ollie have been a little shy around Liam, but after the current family favorite t-shirt incident, we've been working really hard to make sure they get used to having Liam around. They've come to like Liam so much so that this weekend when Liam and I ventured out on our walk, I turned around to find Gus and Ollie at my feet. They were so proud of themselves. Apparently, they had escaped out the gate that Craig has been promising to fix all summer. Guess what's on Craig's honey-do list for this week?

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