Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Monster Mash

With Halloween just around the corner, Liam and I have been enjoying a couple of his newest monster books.

I ordered Noisy Monsters from Amazon because the cover looked cute, and it said it made noise. Once it came in the mail, I was a little disappointed. The noise wasn't nearly as monstrous as I had hoped-- it was more of a squeak, but Liam didn't seem to mind. He liked pushing the button and giggled at the noise it made.

Tickle Monster is a great book about a happy, silly, zany monster who comes from the Planet Tickle. Liam loved the rhyming prose and giggled when I tickled him. You can also order the Monster Mitts. I didn't, but Liam loved the book anyway. It is such a fun, interactive book. Liam loves it when I read it to him.

Aside from reading Tickle Monster, Liam is also spending his time rolling around in his new Frankenstein socks from Aunt Mic and showing off his Halloween costume. 

This is just a sneak peek. There are definitely more pictures on the way.


  1. NO way. Look at him and his adorable mask!

  2. Oh my gosh, the mask picture! Too cute!

  3. Totally cute! Stopping by from the Say Hi Sunday hop!