Friday, October 7, 2011

The Name Game

Craig and I have very different tastes in names, but surprisingly after flipping through the baby name book I checked out from the library, we were able to settle on Liam without too much of a battle.

Initially, Craig suggested Seamus.

"Well, at least he'll be the only Seamus in his kindergarten class," I said.

I wasn't completely opposed to the name, but after running it past a few people, I decided we should reconsider. My office mate informed me that Seamus was the name of her neighbor's cat, my friend immediately said, "That's a great middle name," my mom booed, and Craig's mom was not so thrilled with the choice either. So, we started reconsidering.

I started throwing out names, and Craig was opposed to most of them. When I suggested Harrison, Craig's immediate response was, "What? Are we going to make his middle name Richard?" Yeah, yeah, you get the gist.

We finally decided on Liam Edward, a name that we both liked. (Edward is Craig's Grandfather's name.)

Seamus is still in the running for Liam's little brother's name. Hey, at least it didn't show up on the list of the Top 10 Baby Names Guaranteed to Get Your Kid Beaten Up. (But, let's all hope for a little sister if/when Liam's younger sibling comes along.)


  1. The top 10 list is great! I think being a teacher makes is harder to pick names. Did you find that too? I had to veto some of the names my husband suggested because they brought back memories of students.

    1. I did have that problem too! But then there were some I loved because of certain kids.

  2. Not sure I could do Seamus myself but it would very unique all his life. I never wanted my kids to have a name that many other kids would have since I grow up k-12 with 2 other Kari's spelled the same way.