Monday, October 24, 2011

Picture Perfect

I started walking at 9 months old. By the time I was five, I was the most uncoordinated member of my tee ball team. It's obvious that being so quick to learn how to walk wasn't very advantageous to me in the long run.

Shortly after Liam was born I donated my copy of What to Expect the First Year. I am sure that some other first-time mom, who is slightly less neurotic than I am will get a lot of good use out of the book. As for myself, I've decided that I'm not going to waste my time studying the book and getting concerned that Liam isn't the most advanced baby on the block. Craig and I do the best we can to provide a stimulating environment--we play with Liam, talk to him, read to him, and give him plenty of tummy time, and there have never really been any concerns about his development.

A few months ago,  I found a coupon for the Sears portrait studio, and I decided I would give them a chance. Since the coupon was set to expire on October 25, I decided to wait until this week, since Liam's only one week away from turning six months old. For some reason, I had the crazy idea in my head that Liam would be sitting, at least in the tripod position in time for the pictures.

As of Liam's four month appointment, his head measured in the 75th percentile, but his weight was only in the 50th percentile. Needless to say, holding his head up for extended periods of time without any assistance is kind of difficult. Liam does really well sitting in the swings at the park, jumping in his Jumperoo, sitting in the Bumbo at Mae's, or on the couch, but for some reason, whenever I try to get him to sit up on his own, he immediately collapses into the pile of pillows around him.

Yesterday, the manager at the portrait studio called to talk to us a little about our expectations for today's session. Sure enough, after I mentioned that Liam was one week shy of turning six months old, her next question was, "Now, is Liam sitting on his own?"

My anxious tendencies immediately kicked in. "This woman works with babies all the time. Maybe he really should be sitting by now." I immediately turned to Google to determine if I should be concerned. Fortunately, I have two months and one week before I should start worrying.

And, just to brag a little bit about my almost-six-month-old, our twenty-something-year-old photographer named Chelsey commented that he was the best behaved baby all day.

Here's a little preview of our shots.


  1. Oh I really love the top picture! For what it's worth, I don't own What To Expect the First Year either. As long as Torin is healthy and his doctor isn't concerned at his check ups, that's good enough for me. I'm glad Liam was so cooperative for his pictures!

  2. He is such a cutie!! I think we can all identify with that "oh no, is my baby behind?" fear. I always try to remember that his "time" is the perfect time and he will do {insert milestone} when he is ready....but it's hard!! :)

    Elizabeth @Our Life

  3. Cute pics! Stopping over from TAT. Don't worry your little guy will start sitting out of no where. I feel like when my son started sitting on his own it was out of no where, he never really did the tripod thing.