Friday, November 11, 2011

More Musical Musings

1. Melissa at The Mommyhood Chronicles is giving away awesome Rowdy Sprout t-shirts. The shirts feature various bands, and you get to choose which band you would like. Since Liam loves music so much, I entered right away. I had a hard time choosing which shirt to go for since they're all so great, but I eventually settled on John Lennon. When I told Craig about it, he said, "Did you ask Liam what he wanted? You know, he and I listen to a lot of music in the mornings, and he's a big fan of Pink Floyd, especially "Another Brick in the Wall"." P.S. If you haven't already, you can enter Melissa's giveaway here.

2. We also watched VH1's 100 Greatest Artists last night. Liam was sitting on Craig's lap during most of the show. At one point I heard Craig say, "Hey, Kid, who do you think is going to be #1? No, I know you like the Scorpions, but I don't think they're going to be #1." He then proceeded to belt out, "Here I am..."

3. When Aerosmith was named #30 on the VH1 countdown (Seriously? They beat John Lennon?), Liam started bouncing around on Craig's lap. Craig's response was, "Sick, Kid."

4. How does one get her baby into PJs when all he wants to do is suck on his feet? Please tell me this is normal. 

4. I took a gamble and wore some animal print flats to work on Tuesday. When one of my students came into the classroom, she said, "Whoa, I like your swag." I may have had to use context clues to figure out what swag meant. That's how cool I really am.


  1. I so love this post! I knew this contest would be right up your boat since Liam is so musically inclined already! DOn't worry- Zane does this with his feet all the day. I like your swag,lol. Hope you link up!

  2. To follow up on 4, how do you keep a baby's socks dry when they chew on their feet all the time? Great post, love all the music!

  3. LOL, I watched VH1's Top 100 Artists, too! I was pulling for Bob least higher than Michael!

  4. Love #4! We couldn't get Evie's feet out of her mouth from about 6 months to 11 months when she started cruising around. She still takes her socks off and put them in her mouth...LOL/Ewww!

  5. A music and toe lover! Sounds like he's right on track! Don't worry about the shoes, they sound adorable too. : ) If you went with an animal print suit on the other hand, that would be scary!


  6. I really laughed at the last one! Liam is so cute!