Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship

I've decided that last week's snowfall and the end of daylight savings time are a sign that winter is officially here. Winter and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love fresh, untouched snow; scarves; sweaters; warm beverages; and grilled cheese and tomato soup. I hate slushy snow littered with sand and salt piled up at the edge of my driveway, wind chill, watching the sun set as I drive home from work (at 4:00), and pretty much everything else about winter.

In order to keep myself from spending every single afternoon and weekend laying on my couch in my sweat pants, I've come up with a winter to do list:

-learn how to make a new side dish for Thanksgiving dinner
-pull Liam around in a sled at least once
-go to a parade of lights
-make Christmas treats
-take Liam to see Santa Claus
-come up with an indoor/baby friendly exercise routine


  1. I'm hoping it snows enough here to take my daughter sledding!


    Haha, my favorite one of these is the "Dance with your baby" ---I think there should definitely be a place in your exercise routine for that:)

  3. I'm so looking forward to sledding with my daughter too! :) I have the same love/hate relationship with winter. I can't imagine living somewhere without the snow, etc, but I'm usually done with it by December!

  4. I despise Winter!! But this year I convinced myself to not whinge about it and just get through it and it worked! Except our Winters are boring, at least you have Thanksgiving and Christmas and Santa Claus. We have short days, rain and cold!!
    Enjoy your first Christmas with little Liam, my Liam is going to have his pic taken with Mr Claus seeing as my older two won't go there anymore ;) But no sled or snow for us :(

  5. I am totally jealous of your slushy snow! Georgia is nice and all, but I'm sad that my kid is only going to see snow when we visit the relatives up north.

    As far as indoor exercise goes, I highly recommend the P90 (and P90x, probably, but I'm a weakling right now so I do P90) DVDs. Can all be done indoors, and the baby thinks it's hilarious to watch me do it.