Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stuff Liam Wants

I'm not sure if this should have been titled "Stuff Liam Wants" or "Stuff Liam's Mommy Wants." I'm getting pretty excited for Liam's first Christmas and may go a little overboard.

Honestly, I've never done much kid shopping before, and when I do shop for babies or kids, I tend to buy things that aren't age-appropriate, simply because I think they're cute. Now that I have a kid of my own to shop for, I need some help. Here are a few things I'm considering for Liam's first Christmas:

2. Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rolling Activity Table  
3.  Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

4. Educo Spring-A-Ling
5. Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic
6.Green Toys My First Blocks

9. LeapFrog Cook and Play Potsy


  1. You have an awesome list going. Zane wants a mommy like Liams who will buy him all of this,lol. So cute!

  2. Loving #2, 3, and 5. I wish all wood toys weren't so expensive, because I love the natural-ness of them. Like this stacker -- isn't it cute?

  3. Ooh. I love that wooden stacker.

  4. Those playtables are great! My daughter has had hers from 9 months, for 1 year and she still plays with it and as the months went by she was able to figure out new things to do with it. Definately a good investment.