Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things I Couldn't Have Survived The Past Six Months Without

Fischer Price Space Saver Swing and Seat
My house was built in 1937. While I love the charm of the original hardwood floors in the living room, I don't have much space to spare. When I saw this item, I knew I needed to register for it. I love that this item combines two essentials, the baby swing and bouncer, into one item. I can either allow it to swing or lock it in and use it as a vibrating chair. I can also allow it to vibrate while Liam is swinging.

Liam has fought sleep from the time he was very young, but when I wrapped him up in a blanket and  turned on the vibration in this swing, he almost always fell asleep. Although he's nearly grown out of this swing now that he's six months old, it was a lifesaver in those first few months.

Sassy Rock and Roll Play Gym
One night, shortly after I returned to work, I let Liam play in his play gym before going to bed. That night, he nearly slept through the night, only waking up once to eat. Playing in the gym quickly became a part of his bedtime routine. I know most child-rearing books usually recommend quiet activities like reading and baby massage for bedtime, but for some reason kicking around in his play gym made Liam sleep better.

I'm sure that any play gym would work for that purpose, but I love the bright colors and rock and roll theme of this gym.

Butt Paste
In the past month, we started supplementing with formula and solid food, which has brought on our first few bouts of diaper rash. Butt Paste has been amazing at combating the diaper rash. We put it on at the first sign of redness, and it stops it right away.

I only recently ordered this toy, but Liam loves it. He also has the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball, but what's great about this toy is that it also doubles as a teething toy. It's easy for him to get his mouth around the tubes on this toy. I often find him staring at the various colors, and it's hard to get it out of his death grip. There have been a few occasions when I've had to let him take it to bed and pry it of his hands once he's fast asleep.


  1. Zane loves the winkel. It is a terrific teething toy too!

  2. The Winkel is so funny! I might need one for baby #2 :)