Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Who's This Little Owl?

Some of you might remember that I was considering three Halloween costumes, and I seriously bought supplies for all three of them. First I bought a plaid shirt, thinking I would turn Liam into a little lawn gnome, but I quickly discovered that I was not talented enough to make the suspenders. And, after searching for suspenders small enough for Liam, I gave up and decided to look at other options. I also struggled with finding the aviator hat for the owl costume, so I settled on the sack of potatoes. After trying to turn a coffee bean bag from Dunn Brothers into the sack and finding it entirely too bulky, I gave up on that idea, too.  I also briefly considered this costume idea.

I realized that I just couldn't get past those goggles. I ordered a plain brown knit hat from Amazon and used the coffee bean bag to make feathers for the owl costume. Craig predicted that Liam would hate the goggles...

...and he was mostly right.

So, Liam kept the goggles on his forehead while I took him around to show him off.

Also, Liam has the best grandmas ever. I came home on Sunday night to find a package with this cute little shirt mixed in with our pile of mail. His grandma sent it to us all the way from Florida.


  1. I love the homemade owl costume! So cute!

  2. What a cutie! He still looked great with the goggles on his hat. Great work!

  3. The Dwight costume is hilarious!! If I had a boy, I'd totally do that next year. The goggles look great with those bright blue eyes!

  4. Ha ha. If I would have found the right shirt and tie, I totally would have done it.