Monday, December 19, 2011

Best Christmas Present Ever

Some of you might remember this post from a couple of months back. You know, the one where I was all, "My baby's going to develop at his own pace, and I'm not going to worry about it one bit." Yeah, we all know I was kidding myself. Of course I started to worry.

Liam went in for his six month appointment, and we found out he was in the 10th percentile for weight. Our doctor didn't seem overly concerned, but she did mention that she wanted to see him again in December to check his weight gain.

Overall, Liam seems like a pretty happy, well-adjusted kid. However, he continued to refuse to sit up without some sort of support (the couch, his high chair, our hands). He wouldn't even do the whole tripod thing. So, as our December 22nd appointment for the weight check started to approach, I got a little concerned. You may have even caught me at 2:30 in the morning, wide awake, Googling "seven-month-old baby large head circumference low weight not sitting." Guess how many useful results came from that query.

Liam obviously knew what his mom needed for Christmas, because on Saturday, just five days before our follow-up appointment, Liam surprised me and decided to sit up on his own. I don't care how out of focus it is, I love this picture of Liam sitting up with his tongue sticking out. This sitting business is hard work.


  1. YAY! What a great kid---already giving his mom presents;)

  2. This is SO ME. Except I'd be googling "tiny head" -- in fact, I did :) L is in the 90th %ile for weight and below the 10th for her head circumference and I used to worry she had some horrible disorder (don't google microcephaly at 2 in the morning either!). Now I just call her pea-head. My current concern? She's not babbling yet and she'll be 7 months on Saturday. Here's what I want for Christmas: a break from worrying! I hear that won't happen until our kids are at least 30...