Thursday, December 15, 2011

Did I ever tell you Liam has the best dad ever?

On Tuesday night, when I stopped to pick up Liam from daycare, Mae said, "And you remembered that our Christmas party is tomorrow, right? You know a few of my moms are going to come help out. We're doing hand print crafts." To be honest, I thought the Christmas party was next week, and when Mae mentioned hand print crafts, a vision of a half-dozen sugar filled three and four-year olds running around the  house with paint-covered hands flashed through my head.

"Well, I actually teach class in the afternoons," I said. "You know, Craig's day off is tomorrow. He's been working a lot the past couple of days, but I'll check and see if he wants to bring Liam up for the party."

When I got home, I called Craig to tell him about the party. "She said a few of the other parents were going to stay and help out," I said. So, Craig agreed to take Liam.

Don't you think they did a pretty good job with their hand print craft?


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  1. What an awesome daddy! The ornament looks fantastic. So sweet!