Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Twelve Books of Christmas

I've been thinking a lot about Christmas traditions lately, since this year is Liam's first Christmas. When I was younger, one thing I could almost always count on was a new book in my stocking.

When I first stumbled upon this idea, my immediate response was, "Well, that's kind of dumb. Why would you wrap up books your kid already has?" The more I thought about it, the more I realized this might be a great idea. One of Liam's favorite hobbies is tearing up paper, so this will give him the opportunity to do that and practice opening presents for the big day. The idea eventually evolved into the twelve books of Christmas.

We had to cheat a little bit this year. Not all of the books are Christmas books, but they are all winter books. We also had to check out a couple of the books from the library. I figured that as Liam gets older and receives more books as Christmas gifts, we'll eventually have twelve (or more) Christmas books to share.

December 13: The Mitten- This book was one of my favorites as a kid. I remember making a lace-up mitten in preschool and coloring pictures of the woodland animals to stuff inside. I can't wait to share this book with Liam.

December 14: Bear Snores On- Liam and I have read this book several times now. He loves the rhyming prose about a bear who wakes up from hibernation to find a mouse and his friends popping corn and drinking tea. 

December 15: Dream Snow- I'll be honest and admit that I hadn't heard of this book before I started researching Christmas books for Liam. It's written by Eric Carle, and Liam likes a lot of his other books. Hopefully, he'll enjoy this one, too.

December 16: A Wish to be a Christmas Tree- This book has such beautiful illustrations.

December 17: In keeping with the tree theme, we're going to read The Mitten Tree today.

December 18: We're going to cheat a little and listen to the song that goes with today's book. When I read through Your Personal Penguin, it didn't sound quite right. When I read that it had a song by Davy Jones from The Monkees, I decided I needed to download it. I promised myself I wold never be the type of mom who would listen to silly songs just for her kids' sake, but I love Sandra Boynton. I'm hoping she and Davy Jones don't dissappoint.

December 19: Llama Llama Holiday Drama- I've been reading this book to Liam since October, and I know he loves it almost as much as he loves the other Llama Llama books.
December 20: How the Grinch Stole Christmas- I figure by December 20, I'll need to read this classic tale by Dr. Seuss.

December 21: Olive,  the Other Reindeer- Liam loves his puppies, so I'm hoping he loves this story about a puppy named Olive, who gets confused by the line "all of the other reindeer" in the song about Rudolph.

December 22: I've Seen Santa- Liam got this book through a book exchange we participated in recently. We have yet to make it through the whole book (other exciting things, like Daddy coming home, usually happen before we can finish). Hopefully, we'll be able to finish it on the 22nd.

December 23: The Polar Express- This is one of my favorite classic Christmas stories.

December 24: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas- We couldn't have read it any other night.

December 25: Jingle Bugs- My sister got this book in her stocking in 1994, and I was so jealous that she got a book with flashing lights and music. When I saw that it was available on Amazon I couldn't help but pick it up for Liam's stocking.

What about you? What are your favorite holiday traditions? Do you have any book suggestions for next year?


  1. Owl Moon by Jane Yolen is another great winter book -- beautiful illustrations and a beautiful story. :)

  2. Sound like so much fun! I love those books :)
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