Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up and Random Ramblings

Let me preface this by saying that we had a pretty busy weekend at our house, which led to a lot of random thoughts.

1. On Saturday morning, we did a little photo shoot for my mom's Christmas present. This is the aftermath.

2. On Saturday night, Liam and I bundled up and headed out to our local Parade of Lights. We only live about two blocks from the parade route, so we just decided to take the stroller. Let me just say, thank goodness for small towns. The parade ended just before my toes started to go numb and just before Liam started to get bored. (He got his attention span from his mama.)

3. Sunday included a shopping trip. I needed to get my dress altered (see #5), and we needed to pick up a few things. Sam's Club is so overwhelming. I never shop there, but Craig's been a member for a long time. He wanted to get me a guest pass so I can pick up diapers and things. I walked out with three pounds of almonds, 174 diapers, and 810 wipes. We didn't even touch the perishable items. Who, besides the Duggars, really needs a 24 pack of strawberry yogurt anyway?

 4. The only thing more overwhelming than Sam's Club is shopping for sippy cups. We're now on our fourth brand--Playtex. It only took us two tries when we started using bottles. (Liam doesn't really like anything that may make it difficult for him to get his milk, so he definitely preferred Dr. Brown's over Breastflow.) There may be a full post about shopping for sippy cups later this week. We're going to give Playtex a shot before I throw my hands in the air and just give up. In the meantime, any suggestions?

5. Wedding dress alterations are expensive. I'm pretty sure the price of my alterations was more than the price of the actual dress. The good news is: they had to take it in.

6. While I was getting my dress alterations, Craig and Liam did some shopping. Liam is going to be so stylish when he shows up to daycare in his Puma track suit. There will definitely be more pictures of this baby. Liam was all worn out from shopping, so he wasn't really in the mood for a photo shoot.

7. Oh my goodness, I almost forgot this one. Here's a shot of Liam's newest hobby--riding Ollie.  Notice Gus is nowhere to be seen.

8. Finally, thanks for all of the votes ;). I am slowly climbing. Thanks for all of your support!

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  1. Wow! Super busy you are! Yah for taking in the dress. Always a good feeling although the alterations can be a pain. I love Liam all bundled up. He is such a cutie pattotie!!

  2. I also second the paying to have the dress taken in is much more satisfying than paying to have it let out:) I have to see Liam ride Ollie.