Monday, January 23, 2012

A Real Boy

Last week was Liam's first week back at daycare in over a week, so by Thursday, he was completely exhausted and crashed around 5:30. He occasionally takes a little catnap after daycare, then wakes up eats dinner, and plays for awhile before going to bed. On Thursday, he just kept sleeping. When Craig called from work to check in. I told him I was a little worried and wondered if I should wake him up.

"No," Craig said. "He's just tired from going back to daycare. You should see him when I drop him off. He doesn't get sad at all. He gets all excited when he sees the other kids like, 'Hey, I know you.'"

"I know," I said. "Today when I got there he was pushing a truck back and forth with one of the other kids. It's like he's turning into a real boy."

We both laughed at how ridiculous it sounded, but it's so true. It seems like only yesterday that he was a newborn who I could trust to lay still under his play gym while I did dishes. Now, I find him with his leg caught under the TV stand because he moves around so much.

Last Monday I took him shopping with me and we stopped at a new toy store where I picked up a kickball with robots on it. I tried to roll it back and forth with him that night, and he didn't really seem to get it. On Saturday night I pulled out the ball and tried the same thing. In less than a week he had learned how to roll the ball back and forth.

I can't say it enough. I really love this stage. I love that he likes to play. I love how much he likes to interact with other people. I love how quickly he's learning new skills.  While I'm slightly worried about how quickly he's growing up, I can't wait to see more.


  1. It's so much fun isn't it!!! These are the days to cherish always. I love watching my Liam grow and change, and boy, he doesn't know how to sit still lol
    Enjoy your precious baby, it won't be long before it's school you're dropping him off at, not daycare!

  2. Too true, I have those moments too of realizing I have a real kid, not just a baby.