Monday, February 13, 2012

All You Need Is...

My brother and I made this photo collage for my mom for Christmas, but I think it would make a great Valentine's Day or Mother's Day gift, too.

My first year of teaching my friends and I dreamt up the Kyle Love Party {it's not nearly as creepy as it sounds}. It started out as a small gathering of friends with heart-shaped pizzas, treats, and a love  mix {again, not nearly as creepy as it sounds}, but over the years it grew into a pretty extravagant affair, complete with a chocolate fountain, a Valentine making/cookie decorating room, and the occasional choreographed dance. 

This year, our pre-Valentine weekend was a little more low-key. It started out with dinner on Friday night, and a Saturday spent listening to this year's love mix {thanks to my friend Anna} and making Valentines for Liam's party at daycare.
I had a few heart-shaped ice cube trays that I bought one year in the One Spot at Target for the Love Party, so I thought it would be fun to make these crayon hearts. 


I also thought it would be fun to finger paint a Valentine for Mae. I originally planned to do the toilet paper roll hearts I found, but I was a little worried that Liam was still a little too young for that. Sadly, Liam didn't really like finger painting. When I stuck his fingers in the paint, he immediately curled them up and pulled away, but I think we got enough paint on the page to make a Valentine. 

 I was a little worried that the crayons weren't going to turn out, so I asked Craig to pick up some store-bought Valentines. When he called me to tell me what he got, he said, "You probably shouldn't have put me in charge of Valentines. I got Transformers. They're pretty cool, though. They have Optimus Prime on them and say things like 'Power Up, Valentine'." If we haven't already confirmed that Liam's the nerdiest baby at daycare, it will definitely be confirmed when he shows up with his Optimus Prime Valentines.

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