Friday, February 17, 2012

It's In the Name, Why It's Never a Good Idea to Hook Up With a Dictator, and Other Little Bits and Pieces

I know Valentine's Day is over, but I couldn't help but share a few of my favorite Valentine's-inspired links.

I changed my name. Finally. My maiden name is long, very German, and very difficult to pronounce, but for some reason, it was also very difficult to give up. I like that it's unique, and when I Google myself, the majority of the search results are actually referring to me. When Craig and I first started talking about getting married several years ago, I told him that I was going to keep my last name. Craig wasn't all that happy about that, but he also wasn't very forceful about me changing my name.

A baby changes things, though. I didn't want to bog him down with two last names, especially not my crazy long German last name. I also didn't really want to force Liam to have to explain to all of his friends that yes, his parents are married, and no, they don't have the same last names. I thought it was interesting that this post was published shortly after I made the decision to officially change my name.  Now, I've pretty much resorted to carrying my marriage license and new Social Security card with me everywhere I go. Changing your name is more work than I thought.


Fortunately, Craig wasn't a tyrant about changing my name. I was intrigued by this article on Tuesday. My favorite line from the article was: "it's never a good idea to hook up with a dictator."


Another of my favorite Valentine's Day stories was this story from NPR. Way to hook me with a trashy headline and woo me with a sappy love story, NPR. 


For some reason, I started thinking about this video this weekend. It definitely provided some inspiration for my wedding. 

I was originally thinking about eloping, and I sent this video to my sister. She said, "Um, they eloped, but they took a videographer with them?" I'm so glad I have a 19-year-old in my life to help keep me grounded.


I am in love with this printable from The Motley Mama. It's so perfect for us. I can't wait to incorporate it into a photo collage once I get my CD of wedding photos. 


  1. I could have written this myself! My maiden name is Italian, unique and special, too. My family are the only people on Facebook with it. When I google it, it pulls up me. I loved that! I refused to trade my 8 letter surname for my husband's four letter surname so...I hyphenated. Lesser of two evils, right? WRONG! Then I had a kid. Then I realized at the dentist, he'll be filed with my husband in the J section and I'll be alone in the P section. I realized that people will see my name on forms and ask "are you the babysitter?" or "are you the nanny?" because they don't recognize we really do have the same last name, tacked onto the end of my trainwreck name. Don't get me started on the chaos in the hospital when my son was born and they almost gave him my maiden name and didn't think he had a father. Eventually I caved, and now I changed my name.

  2. SUPER opinionated about this one. :) I love love love my maiden name -- it is Irish and awesome. And I didn't want to give it up. But hyphenations are tricky, and we wanted a shared name with our kid(s). So here's what we did:

    I went from Courtney M to Courtney H-M, with my husband's last name coming first in our hyphenation. A little unorthodox, but it sounds way better that way (I actually polled my fellow English teachers before I did it!).

    My husband took M as a second middle name (going from J. K. H. to J. K. M. H.) so that he'd have my name as part of his, too.

    Our daughter has my husband's last name and we gave her my maiden name as her second middle name (L. J. M. H.), and any subsequent children will have the same.

    This way, we are all together alphabetically at the dentist (that's totally what I pictured too, Lindsay!), I got to keep my awesome name, and no child is saddled with a ridiculously long hyphenated name. And I don't mind if people call me by my husband's last name, my maiden name, or my actual hyphenated name, because they're all basically correct. :)