Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Letter to Craig

Dear Craig,

Last week, when you were in Austin and called to tell us that you couldn't wait for Thursday so you could spend all day with Liam, my heart pretty much melted. I like that you enjoy spending time with Liam, that you're willing to endure an estrogen-filled Christmas party just to make a hand print craft with him, and that you make us laugh. Sometimes, I take this parenting business a little too seriously.  I definitely need laughter.

You're an advocate for Liam when he needs an advocate. Remember that time that I wanted to buy Liam a stuffed globe.

"It'll be like having a Teddy bear, except it's a globe," I said.

"Amber, he's a kid. If he wants a Teddy bear, let him have a Teddy bear," you said.

I need to hear those things sometimes.

And, I know that I complain about how much you work way too often. I'm sorry about that. Instead, I should be thankful that you've found a career you're passionate about and that you actually like to spend your time off with Liam. I know that one day Liam will be grateful for your bonding days.

I remember one day, just after Liam was born, you came home after work, and you asked me if I thought you were a good dad. I don't know if I remember to tell you that often enough. Liam and I are pretty lucky to have you.




  1. I LOVE this post. You guys are very lucky to have such a great daddy. Very sweet!

  2. What a sweet post! I love sweet daddy moments like this :)