Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Liam's Culinary Adventures

If Liam were a food critic, this is what I imagine he'd say:

"Those strawberries are delicious but slightly acidic."

"This avocado could use a bit more seasoning."

"I don't prefer the taste of these bananas. The yogurt melts you added on the side, however, are divine."

I'm certain he'd make a very refined food critic. Yes, that is a yogurt melt stuck to his forehead.


  1. Ha! My daughter is addicted to yogurt melts!

  2. Yogurt melts and those gerber cheese puffs are like toddler crack- I swear. My daughter would be happy with eating those two things all day long.

  3. He's going to make an awesome food critic---hopefully complete with lots of pictures of him modeling the food:) Also, what a healthy eater!

  4. Hahaha look at that yogurt melt! I am only familiar with choc melts lol
    Glad he's enjoying his food!