Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pay it Forward

The night before my wedding, my friends took me out for dinner at a little restaurant in a nearby town, where we had an amazing meal. I had a chicken paillard with red grapes. I honestly would have never thought of having chicken with grapes, but it was delicious.

When it came time to decide on dessert, our server said, "before you decide about dessert, I have a story to tell you," and she told us the following story:

"22 years ago, the couple at the table next to you went on their honeymoon in South Texas. One night, they went out for dinner, and an older gentleman paid for their meal. When they asked how they could repay him, he simply said, 'Pay it forward.'"

So, we had dessert, a mixed berry creme brulee, and I'm pretty sure I owe some bride a pretty delicious meal the night before her wedding.


  1. I love stories like that! Can't wait to hear about the time when you get to surprise somebody and keep the chain going...