Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Check It Out

I'm guest posting at (she always loved) larking. today while Courtney is enjoying sunny Florida.  Courtney has become one of my dearest blogging friends. She's a mom to L, who's just a few weeks younger than Liam, listens to good music, and both Operating Instructions and Great With Child are on my "Must-Read" List because of Courtney.

She's doing a great interview series about how our parents' decisions impacted our own parenting decisions. So many of the questions definitely left me thinking, and I'm so glad she asked me to participate.


  1. What a cool interview! I loved the story about the beach towel. My mom was the same way; she never gave us the answer, but she helped us to figure it out on our own. (Scaffolding! Constructivism! Other nerdy teacher stuff!) I try to do this with my daughter, and I definitely do this with my students. :)

  2. What a great idea! Also, I love that you intersperse longer reads on some days with pictures on others---that way I always have time to read the blog at some point during the week:)

  3. Such a great series she's doing! I loved reading through your answers!