Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mind the Gap

One thing Liam definitely inherited from me is his goofy gap-toothed grin. After my dentist discovered that I was missing a few permanent teeth, my mom dutifully ushered me to the orthodontist. I spent two years clad in braces in an attempt to pull my teeth together.

Then, the summer before I was supposed to get my braces off, we moved. The new orthodontist did not offer the clear plastic retainers my previous orthodontist had. Instead, I was stuck with one of those metal retainers. In protest, I refused to wear it. By the time I realized my teeth were growing back apart, it was too late. (Let's hope Liam doesn't inherit my stubbornness.)

There are some benefits to having the gap, though:

-It's easier to floss.
-I'm also missing wisdom teeth, so I didn't ever have to go through the pain of having them removed.
-Before Liam was born, I worked nights and weekends at a shop in town. My boss there told me on more than one occasion that people with a gap between their two front teeth are more creative. (Her example was always David Letterman.)

Another thing that Liam inherited from me-- his sense of style.

One night, I caught him playing with my scarf, so I put it on him. Almost immediately, he dropped his voice and started saying, "Dadadadada." That's right Liam. It is important to act manly when you're wearing your mom's scarf.


  1. I love this! Liam is such a cutie - I love his smile!

    Elizabeth @Our Life

  2. I actually love it! And this is coming from a dentist and an orthodontist husband!