Thursday, March 8, 2012

What We Ate


Don't let the lobster and fancy spices fool you. I'm still pretty much a domestic failure. (I did make the Butter Chicken, though. That's right, people. It's only March 8th and I made my recipe for the month.)

My friend Jenny gave me the spices. When I first saw the Cardamom pods, I thought they were shelled Pistachios. Imagine the following conversation between a trained chef and me. 

{Craig is showing off our fancy spices to his friend.}

B: Did you know that Cardamom was once worth more than gold.
Me: Oh, really. When I first saw that jar, I thought it was Pistachios.
 {Complete silence.}

Apparently, he wasn't impressed with my culinary knowledge. 


  1. The food looks delicious!!

    P.S. I wouldn't know what cardamom looks like either. At least you didn't try to eat it, thinking it was a!!

  2. Beautiful creations if I do say so! Now if I only I could eat with you through the blog.