Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Liam Lately

Liam is officially (as of Sunday) 11 months old. He's so much fun and makes me laugh on a daily basis.

I'm not sure how it ended up in his bed, but one morning I found him snuggling with a burp cloth. Poor kid doesn't have a lovey. He's got a burp cloth. I couldn't take it away. So, for the past week or so, he's been sleeping with a burp cloth. In the morning, when I turn on the lights to get ready, he shields his eyes with the burp cloth.

You can see the burp cloth tucked up under his leg.

Please don't judge me for putting up a bumper. I know the American Academy of Pediatrics urges against them. We broke down and put it in his crib a couple of months ago after several nights in a row of prying his arms and legs from between the crib bars. He also insists on sleeping curled up in a ball on his belly. I try to roll him over on his back, but he does his best ninja-baby move and ends up curled back up on his belly.

Craig and I are trying to teach him limits, especially when things might be dangerous. Pulling books off the shelf so he can read. Okay. Banging his head over and over again on the back of his wooden high chair or attempting to pull the garbage can over. Not okay. He's started this new trick where he starts wimpering when we say "no," or he just smiles, as if to say, "Um, if I look cute, can I do it?"

He loves unstacking the ring stacker. It's so funny. The rings could sit untouched for 15 minutes, but the minute Craig or I put them back on the stacker, he crawls over and pulls them all off again. He also loves climbing all over just about anything, chasing Gus and Ollie, and opening and closing his board books over and over again. He can no longer sit still long enough to listen to the whole story-- he just prefers to open and close the book. He does that all the time, even when I'm not right there. He'll crawl over to his book shelf, pull a book down, and open and close it over and over again.

He continues to try new finger foods. Most recently, he's tried French toast and whole grain waffles. We're almost certain he's going through a growth spurt, because his stomach seems to be a bottomless pit. He finally outgrew his size three diapers and shoes, although the fours are still a little big.

I can tell he's taking in new things each day. One morning, I pulled him out of his crib and said, "Liam, who am I?"

"Mama," he responded. My heart melted.

He interacts with other kids more and more. Whenever we go to the playground, I catch him watching the older kids, trying to figure out how he can do what they're doing. He's not standing on his own yet, but I know it's coming. He'll stop crawling, put his butt up in the air, and attempt to stand, but his knees lock and he falls back to the ground.

This weekend, I told a coworker that I was taking some pictures to turn into his first birthday invitations, and she responded, "It doesn't seem like he should be having a birthday already."

"I know. I know," I said.

There's a part of me who's not ready for him to get older, who wants my snuggly newborn back. Yet, there's a part of me who can't wait for him to get older, who's looking forward to more days spent at the playground, watching him run up to the slide, listening to him giggle with delight.


  1. Our three-year-old has never had a lovey, a blanket or any stuffed animal to sleep with. She's always had a hard time sleeping through the night, and one thing our doctor encouraged was for her to have a lovey, and she would NEVER attach to anything. Oh well. I think a burp cloth works just fine if that's what he likes!

  2. Both of my kids never had lovelies. I never discourage anything that parents do- whatever gets you all more sleep is key. I used bumpers too- actually still do! And I can't believe he is 11 months- Almost the big 1!!

  3. it's such a catch-22, isn't it? we want our little ones to stay little, yet at the same time watching their independence grow is so amazing!