Monday, April 16, 2012

Rainy Saturday

Saturday was the kick off for wedding season and a glimpse of what my Saturdays will look like for the next five months. Craig left for work early, and I knew that he wouldn't be home until well after Liam and I had gone to bed. When I saw the forecast for the weekend, I knew I didn't want to be cooped up in the house all day, so I planned a little shopping trip.

Liam slept in, so I took my time getting ready, listening to The Alabama Shakes and taking time to read a few letters in Letters to a Young Mother. We left just in time to catch the end of Wait Wait Don't Tell me on NPR, followed by a rerun of Radiolab.

We ate lunch at Qdoba, where Liam ate two Mum Mums while we waited in line. By the time we got our grilled veggie burrito, Liam was ready to dazzle the ladies with grins and high chair acrobatics and was not at all interested in eating zucchini or yellow squash.

After lunch, I needed to grab a few things at Target and Sam's Club. Every time I go to Sam's Club, I think to myself, "Remind me again why I allowed Craig to convince me to get a Sam's Club membership." I inevitably find myself in line behind someone who found it necessary to purchase 148 corn dogs and a three-year supply of toilet paper and paper plates.* When I realize I'm doing so only to save approximately $4 per month on diapers, my blood pressure just rises.

In order to calm down, I decided to take Liam to the art museum to play in the kids' exhibit. First we read Catch Picasso's Rooster and Beautiful Oops.

Then Liam played on the musical table. This kid definitely needs a drum for his birthday.

He also checked out a few different types of paint.

After the art museum, we went to the book store where Liam spent the last of his Easter money on Rockin' Babies.

I ended the day with a Bubble Up and some Razzles. When I saw the Bubble Up, I couldn't resist. I drank a lot of Bubble Up at the Round Up Drive-In when I was a kid. Pure nostalgia.

*This is hyperbole, but it did seem like a lot of toilet paper and paper plates.

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