Monday, April 23, 2012

That Time I Thought I Almost Killed My Kid

Before I start this story, I need to share a story from a few weeks ago. Craig and I went to a barbeque with a few of our friends, who also have kids around Liam's age. When the conversation turned to milestones and food, I started to get really uncomfortable, because these are two things I'm pretty self-conscious about. At one point, I shared that Liam really likes strawberries. One mom chimed in, "Um, berries are one of the most allergenic foods. You really shouldn't feed them to babies until they're at least a year old."

I wanted to say, "Actually, I checked, and they're not." But, instead I just let the conversation proceed. I don't think this mom was trying to judge me or make me feel inferior. I think she just didn't know any better, and was trying to impart some of the infinite wisdom she had gained in the six months of parenting she had on me. I kept feeding berries to Liam, partially out of spite, but mostly because he likes them.

Fast forward to Thursday night. On Wednesday, he had started getting what I thought was a diaper rash, and I chalked it up to the fact that we recently switched diaper brands. By Thursday, when I got home from work the rash had spread down his legs, and little blisters had started to form on his elbows, his feet, his hands, and on his cheek. It had been Craig's day off, so I said, "Craig, what did you feed him today?"

"Oh you know, the regular things," he said before proceeding to list five or six things including this berry applesauce. While I tried to stay calm-- his breathing wasn't labored or anything, inside I was freaking out, "Oh my God, she was right." So, I called the on call nurse at our local hospital (the clinic was closed at that time). She told me she couldn't diagnose it over the phone, but I needed to be sure to monitor his breathing and make sure he didn't get a high fever. She said I could bring him in or wait and take him to the clinic the next morning, but he should probably be seen by a doctor to make sure everything was okay.

Craig and I continued to worry about what it might be, and we finally decided to run him to the Pediatric Urgent Care in a nearby town. It turned out to be Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, which in comparison to an allergic reaction didn't seem all that bad, and I got to spend an extra day home with Liam on Friday.


  1. So it was coincedence that this other mum had put doubt in your mind about the berries when it turned out to be something else?
    I am glad you got him seen to and hopefully all is well now. Allergic reactions to these foods do not happen to everyone, I think most people are just scared now. Keep doing what you think is best :)

  2. Yikes! I'm glad it wasn't an allergy. But isn't hand, foot & mouth kind of awful too? Colin's never had it, but I've heard it can be pretty bad. Either way, I hope your little pumpkin is better soon! By the way, I've tagged you in a post on my blog!

  3. I feel that allergies are thrown out of proportion a lot. Yes there are things you should wait to give your kid, but if there are no seriously known allergies in your family why worry? I gave Leland berries, egg whites, dairy, and peanut butter all before he was one. I guess I am a 'bad parent'.

  4. I'm glad everything is ok! Scary though...our daughter gets hives when she eats anything acidic...just around her mouth and they don't last long. The first time it was so scary though!

  5. I am so glad everything is Okay! I am so glad it wasn't an allergy! It is so scary- I can relate because of Zanes allergies and it is so scary! HFM is terrible too- poor baby!