Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Tortured Artist & A Birthday Giveaway

Last weekend, when we went to the art museum, there was a table with crayons. Liam didn't really know what to do with the crayons. I realized that I didn't really do a good job of exposing him to those kinds of things. I remembered that I had some of the Melissa & Doug triangle crayons at home from my evenings spent tutoring a third grader in the months before Liam was born, so I decided to drag them out over the weekend. Liam picked up a crayon and immediately threw it against the paper. "Really, Kid?" Craig said, "Are you going to become a tortured artist on us?"

While we were art museum, we also discovered the book, Beautiful Oops. It's a really cute book about the beauty and opportunity we can find in the mistakes we make. Liam is really into interactive books, too--flaps, die cuts, gears, he loves them all. I immediately went to the book store, where I ordered not one, but two copies because I wanted to share this book with one of you.

To enter: Just leave a comment below telling me your kid's favorite book or favorite project to do at home.

The winner will be chosen via random.org next Tuesday, May 1st (Liam's birthday!) at 9:00 p.m. MST.


  1. Leland's favorite book right now is Have you Seen my Duckling?

    And Leland tries to eat crayons every time I feel crafty and try to get him to color.

  2. I'm Not Scared is L's favorite book at bedtime -- but recently she's been obsessed with Ten Wriggly, Wiggly Caterpillars because she's so delighted by the pop-up butterflies on the last page!

    How fun -- thanks!

  3. Charlie has loved "Dirty Harry" and "Owl Babies" since he was a newborn. Still at 10 months old, nothing quite lights up his eyes like these two books.

    His favorite activity is currently splashing in his water table.