Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the future's so bright + the lost sock

The future's so bright, Liam's gotta wear shades apparently. I promised myself I would never be that mom who made my kid wear baby sunglasses just because they look cute. Yesterday, though, as Liam was shading his eyes with his hands, the nine millionth person stopped to tell me that I should buy Liam some baby sunglasses. This morning, as we embarked on our road trip, I couldn't resist picking up these shades. Liam thinks they're hilarious. He laughs as I put them on then pulls them off and puts them back on again.

Liam hates socks. Kick proof, high socks, ankle socks-- he finds a way to get them all off. When we stopped at 1880 Town today, I used the restroom in the gas station before making my way to the entrance. Ever since Liam has outgrown the baby carrier car seat, peeing in public restrooms has become nearly impossible. He somehow managed to pull his socks off and pulled himself up to standing using the door. So, there I was, nearly helpless as my child stood barefoot in a public restroom. So, I finished as quickly as I could, grabbed him and the socks, and turned around to flush. Somehow, just as I was flushing, the sock fell in. Now, we're left with a lonely sock.

I walked out into what felt like hurricane force winds, and as we approached the entrance, I counted three Head Start buses and two school Suburbans. Today just wasn't our day 1880 Town. Liam will have to wait until another day to earn his deputy badge from Marshall Jim Kinney.

Update: If you're visiting from the Toddle Along Tuesday link-up and want to see the things we actually did see on our road trip, you can look here and here. You can also check out more of our adventures here.


  1. I thought baby sunglasses were RIDICULOUS until I had a baby who cries when the sun gets in her eyes! Wish she would leave them on her face like the good ol' days before she had any manual dexterity... Too funny about that flushed sock!

  2. Oh my gosh Amber you had me laughing at this post!