Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life Lately, v. 2

Birthday Boy

We celebrated Liam's birthday last night with a small celebration-- cupcakes, grilling, fire, and friends.  It was a good night.

Mom's Little Helper
Tonight I was folding laundry. I noticed Liam watching me closely, so I showed him how to fold the blanket I was folding. He grabbed a pair of my underwear. I gushed, thinking he was going to help me out (not that I usually fold underwear, but it was cute nonetheless). He looked at them for just a second, and pulled them over his head giggling. What a goofball.

Liam's a Dentist
Drooling, red cheeks, and more fussiness than usual-- all telltale signs of teething. I swiped my finger around in Liam's mouth, and sure enough, there were two little nubs coming through on the top,  numbers nine and ten for this little one-year-old. Later on, I was holding him, and he stuck his finger in my mouth, checking my teeth out.  No new teeth for this mama.


  1. What a cutie! I am glad his birthday celebration was a great time! Happy belated birthday handsome guy!

  2. I love his checkered shirt! He is growing up, and they learn so much by just watching us :)
    Happy Birthday American Liam!!

  3. Happy Birthday Little Man!!!!!!! So cute! Love the dentist analogy:)