Monday, May 14, 2012

Life Lately, v. 3

Grand Marshal
I picked up this cheap, lightweight stroller for a little trip Liam and I are taking this week and decided to take it out for a test drive this weekend. As we walked down the street, Liam waved and shouted "heyy" at passersby as if he were the grand marshal at some parade.

"I Knew It"

Liam and I spent our Mother's Day planting flowers. When I showed Craig these pictures, he said, "I knew it."

"You knew what?" I asked.

"I knew you only bought that hippo watering can for the pictures," he responded.

Okay, Craig, you caught me. It's from the One Spot at Target, though, and I couldn't resist.

Liam is an Old Man

I love dressing my kid like a little old man. Argyle sweater vests, button downs, corduroys, driving caps--I love them all. And I couldn't resist when I found this little cardigan with the barn scene on the back for 50 cents at the YMCA rummage sale. I can't wait for fall.

So Big Caught on Video (finally)



  1. Hahaha, the "old man" clothes are always adorable! Can't wait to see the flowers grow!