Monday, May 28, 2012

Life Lately, v. 4

Liam is a Flirt
On Friday, Liam and I stopped at the library to pick up a few books for our rainy, windy three-day weekend. I overheard one of the librarians telling another, "That's the one I was telling you about." Then when we walked up to the counter, she said, "He's such a flirt."

My Treasure
Liam and I did a little antique browsing this weekend. As I walked out of the shop empty handed, the proprietor said, "You don't need any antiques anyway. You've got your treasure right there."

Liam loves dogs. He used to just say "d-d-d-" excitedly whenever we'd see or hear a dog. Now he's started trying to say the whole word. The way he says his g makes it sound like he's growling. Craig and I joke that he sounds like a little monster.

*Also he's as easily distracted as his mother.

Big Boy {or not}
A few days ago, Craig got Liam a bottle. Ever since our trip, Liam really hasn't used a bottle, as he drinks his milk from a sippy cup now. I said something about Liam being a big boy now and not needing a bottle. A few minutes later, Liam got upset, grabbed his pacifier, and popped it in his mouth.  "Oh yeah, some big boy we've got here," Craig said.

Sideways. Crooked. Upside down. He doesn't care as long as he's got his paci.

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