Friday, May 4, 2012

Life Lately

The Other Liam

Shortly after Liam was born a friend stopped by with her two little boys. "Mom, there's another baby Liam?" her two year old asked. It turns out there's another Liam that lives on our street. If I don't redshirt Liam, they'll most likely be in the same class. The poor kids will always refer to each other as "The Other Liam."

A couple of weeks ago The Other Liam's mom was having a garage sale. We decided to stop by and pick up some clothes. Lately, Liam's been rocking a few of The Other Liam's old shirts.  

Snacks for Ages

Did I ever tell you guys how much I regret allowing Craig to convince me to get a Sam's Club membership? We stopped in a couple of days ago to pick up some groceries. We left with no fewer than twelve pounds of snacks for Liam. The kid should be equipped until he enrolls in preschool.

Imagine the following conversation:

Craig: Throw those animal crackers in the cart, too.
Me: (confused look)
Craig: What? He likes them.

What one-year-old needs four pounds of animal crackers?

Laid Back

Liam and I have been walking a lot more lately. It always makes me giggle a little bit when I peek over the umbrella on the stroller to see him with his little feet propped up, kicking back, enjoying the scenery.


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  1. Hey there I found you through the May follow link up. Your lil man is super cute. I love your snip-it about me note and especially this, "I love bargain shopping, red wine" you had me at bargain and red wine. Look forward to reading more.