Monday, May 7, 2012

Party Preparations

We didn't get to have the small birthday party we had been planning for Liam last week due to Craig's crazy work schedule, but we are planning a small gathering this week. I stopped at the party supply store on Saturday. As I walked in,  a woman was paying $125 for the decorations for her daughter's high school graduation reception. I quickly discovered that if I chose to buy the matching invitations party blowers, hats, banners, candles, and thank you notes, I could easily spend that much on my son's first birthday party. I promised myself that I wouldn't go that over the top for a party he surely won't remember. 

I started prepping the orange ice cream last night, which is much easier than I expected. I'm looking forward to trying it out once it's frozen. 

We also sent out invitations for Liam's family birthday party on May 19.

Finally, thank goodness for mothers in law who are into scrapbooking. Liam's scrapbook wouldn't have been nearly as elaborate had I been in charge of putting it together. My only job is to slip the pages inside those plastic sleeves, and thus far, I haven't even been successful at getting that done.

I'm guest posting today over at The Mommyhood Chronicles while Melissa recovers from her trip to Hawaii. Melissa started commenting on my blog pretty early in my blogging career, and I quickly discovered that she and I both had little boys who are just over a month apart. She is one of the sweetest bloggers out there, and I have to give her credit for giving me the idea to do the Saturday laugh posts.

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  1. Hey Amber! Yes I agree, Melissa is a sweetie and so very friendly too :)
    I wouldn't have spent that much either so good for you for doing your own invites and the scrapbooks look awesome!!
    I am sure it will be a great party :)
    Have a great day!