Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So Big

A couple of weeks ago, I taught Liam how to do so big. He learned it on the second try, so clearly, I am the mother of a boy genius.  I know that millions of babies in this country learn how to do so big before they're a year old, but I was so proud. This past weekend, I decided to try to teach Liam how to hold up one finger when somebody asks him how old he is.

First, I modeled it for him. Then, we did it together. Finally, I decided it was time for some independent practice. "Liam," I said, "How old are you?" He excitedly threw both hands in the air-- "so big." I guess we're going to have to keep working on "How old are you?".

Liam's too busy playing with his birthday present to show off his so big for the camera. 

Also, the winner of the Beautiful Oops book is Megan. Send me an e-mail with your address, and I'll get it in the mail to you.

Thanks to all of our friends both near and far for the birthday wishes. We really appreciate it.


  1. Tried and tried and tried to teach "so big." No dice. She will, however, touch her head when you ask "Where is your head?" (granted, she also touches her head when you ask "Where are your feet?")

    Love how you are using your best practice scaffolding of a new concept to teach your baby! Such a teachery thing to do :)

  2. I loved the stage when my kids were little and every new task mastered felt like such an accomplishment. It truly is like they are in the wonder years of life.