Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Drink the Wild Air

I don't normally need a list to motivate me in the summer, but when I read Janel's Summer Manifesto, I got really excited and decided to write one of my own.

-Explore new hiking trails. 
-Try new ice cream flavors. (I'm thinking of trying this ice cream--it's custard-based, which would be a first for me.)
-Make popsicles. 
-Check out more free attractions in our area.
-Walk at least four nights a week. 
-Paint the hallway. (I hate to admit to starting yet another DIY project, but I think this one's doable.)
-Shop at the Farmer's Market.
-Attend a night blast at Crazy Horse Memorial. 
-Read more {classic} novels. 
-Relax in the sun.


  1. Awesome manifesto! I want some of that blackberry custard -- please start researching how you can ship some to me so I don't have to make it myself. Also, you know I'm your girl if you want some book recommendations, classic or not.

  2. This sounds perfect! : ) What a great idea!

  3. Oh I just love that. I really really do.