Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Life Lately, v. 5

Blowing His Own Nose

A couple of weeks ago, Liam grabbed a *clean* wipe as I was changing him and blew his nose. It's since become his new thing.  So grown up.


My sister and I took Liam to Storybook Island last Saturday. As he was swinging, he was trying to pump. Whenever we're the only ones at the park, I'll swing next to him, and he'll look over and try to pump. I'm sure he's seen older kids doing it, too, but I had never seen him doing it on his own. So funny.

Grandmas Don't Play that Game

Liam has taken a liking to throwing things on the ground. Last Sunday, we went on a little walk to one of my favorite stores downtown. After throwing his shoe in the crosswalk, Liam threw his hat on the ground when we got in the store. One of the ladies who worked there handed me the hat then looked at Liam and said, "Grandmas don't play that game."

Just Doin' Our Civic Duty

Liam and I decided to go vote tonight. Liam dressed up for the occasion. Look how proudly he wears that "I Voted" sticker on his jackalope onesie.


  1. Hahaha that is funny about the lady picking up his hat and what she said to Liam! :)
    He is growing up, his hair is longer and he is seriously so cute!!

  2. That is hilarious that he blows his own nose, and impressive. I nanny a two year old (almost three) that still can't get it down.

  3. Aw. Kids get smarter and smarter, blowing his nose AND trying to pump? Ha, what a little character you have. So stinking cute.