Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Because it's surely going to take me more than a year...

Last weekend one of my friends was talking about her list of 28 things to do in her 28th year. As she listed a few of the things she's accomplished and still planning to do, I thought, "Wow, that's really cool." Since I'll be celebrating my golden birthday this year-- 29 on December 29th, I thought I'd start a list of 30 things I'd like to do before I turn 30.

But first, a few thoughts on goals:

+I think goals should be audacious, but they should also be attainable, so unfortunately "Swimming with whale sharks in Donsol" did not make my list.

+I teach goal setting in my class fairly regularly and always emphasize the importance of SMART goals ( I frequently find myself saying, "Is 'Get Healthy' a SMART Goal?"), so I tried to follow those principals for the most part. However, this is my blog, and I can do what I want so there are a few that aren't very specific or measurable.

+I may do some substituting along the way. As the presenter at one of my sessions at the GED Summer Conference said today, "If it's not working, change it."

+I'm sure some of you are thinking "Really, Amber? You don't cook one meal a week?" Unfortunately, no. I have a husband who works a lot and a one-year-old who would prefer frozen chicken strips and pasta with butter and garlic, but I'm going to try to change that. 

30 before 30:

1. Read five more books from the BBC Top 100 Books.
2. Save for a DSLR Camera.
3. Go 30 days without buying any new clothes.
4. Build shelves for Liam's toddler room. (In place of redoing the floors.)
5. Do the Crazy Horse Volksmarch.
6. Take Liam to the Henry Doorly Zoo.
7. Create my living will.
8. Continue to walk/work out four days per week.
9. Choose a charity(ies) and donate (not just at Christmas time).
10. Make a list of home projects and prioritize.
11. Try three more homemade ice cream recipes.
12. Close my account at the large corporate bank and open an account at our local credit union.
13. Eat more pineapple + buy gummy Vitamin D and take daily.
14. Grow an herb garden. (I'm probably going to do this inside since my most recent attempt was thwarted by hail.)
15.  Write a (semi-interesting) Christmas letter. (At the very least, it should not say, "Liam is all boy.")
16. Buy all of my books used or from independent booksellers. (Or check them out from the library whenever possible.)
17. Go an entire month without making one self-conscious comment or apologizing for no reason. (I stole that from this blog. Genius, right?)
18. Cook at least one meal per week (even in the summer). 
19. Try at least one new recipe per month.
20. Purge unnecessary clutter.
21. Slow down.
22. Attempt to redesign the blog.
23. Try something new to me. (Rock climbing? Kayaking? Spelunking?)
24. Revitalize a piece of furniture.
25. Locate a pumpkin patch and take Liam to pick his own pumpkin.
26. Learn to sew and make something useful.
27. Take a pottery class. (In place of a language class.)
28. Pan for gold.
29. Pay it forward.
30. Unplug from technology for a day.

Things that didn't make the list:
+Go an entire week without wearing a cardigan.
+Pose nude for an art class (for so many reasons).
+Take hip hop dance lessons and show my skills off at a club. 


  1. Hahaha I love your sense of humour in this post Amber! And what is 'spelunking'?
    Good for you for writing a list, there are some really interesting and fun sounding things on your list! Good luck with it all :)

  2. AMS! Love it. I tried to make my goals SMART too, but it's hard, no? Sometimes we just want to be better people, and that's crazy-hard to measure. Let me know if you want some long-distance collaboration on any of these goals. I would love to long-distance make ice cream with you...

  3. Good luck! Looks like a great list.