Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Sensory Fun

Update: I realized I didn't go into much detail on this post. I blame it on exhaustion. Liam has decided that bedtimes are for sissies these days. Anyway, I added a few more instructions for those of you who might be interested. 
This weekend was one of those weekends that you don't feel like going outside past 10 a.m. because of the extreme heat. We live at 5315 feet elevation, so I know you're all more familiar with this feeling than I am. Since it was so hot, Liam and I decided to stick to the indoors and try a few of the activities I wanted to try.

First of all, a few weeks ago, I made Liam a robot-themed discovery bottle. He still loves playing with it, shaking it, and trying to find all of the objects inside. (I rinsed out a plastic olive oil bottle, used rice as a filler, along with rubber robots, a few Legos, nuts, bolts, and a spikey ball.) I found that it was easiest to layer the rice and the objects. Once everything was added to the bottle, I hot glued it shut. Hot gluing was probably the most important step-- nobody wants rice all over their floors.

This weekend, I decided to use the rest of the spikey balls to try the ball art. Liam was just my "helper" on this project, dragging out all of the bottles of paint so I could choose colors. He really enjoyed watching the balls roll around mixing the colors. I think this would be a great project to try with older kids, too. It would be great for discussing color theory or texture.

I cut a piece of paper to fit in the bottom of a shoe box-sized Rubbermaid plastic container. I'm sure any size would work, but I wanted to start small. I added one color at a time, and rolled it around for awhile before adding the next color.  Our mess was really minimal, but that may have been attributed to the fact that I was doing most of the rolling. If you let older kids do the rolling on their own, there may be a little more mess.


  1. I love the bottle idea! I'm not sure I understand the spiky balls in the paint. Did you hand-roll them around or tilt the container they were in? Was it super messy?

    1. Ah, yes. Good question. You keep them in the container and rock it so the balls roll around mixing the colors. I actually added my colors one at a time so it created kind of a layered effect. I'll try to post a picture of the final product.

  2. Love that bottle idea! He is so stinkin' cute!