Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life Lately, v. 7


Liam has officially learned how to squirm his way out of harnesses in his car seat, the stroller, and in his high chair. Imagine the following conversation:

Me: Liam you need to sit down in your stroller.
Liam: Sit! {{continues standing}}
Me: No, Liam. That is not sitting. 

Hole in the Wall

The thousands of motorcycles we're expecting this week have officially started rolling into town, which usually means sticking around the house for ten days. However, the weather on Saturday was perfect-- 72 degrees, breezy, and lots of sunshine. There was no way we could let the day pass without heading out, at least for a little while. So we headed to the Hole in the Wall Picnic Area. Liam loved watching the motorcycles pull in and out of the picnic area, stopping to snap a few pictures in the hole in the wall. We couldn't resist taking a few pictures ourselves.


In addition to "sit," Liam's other favorite word lately is "Whatisthat?". I count it as one word, because that's how he says it. It kind of reminds me of those old Wassup commercials. Between parades, motorcycles, and the fire crews staying at the old elementary school just down the street from our house, it's never ending.

Whatisthat? Just a giant hot dog, Liam. What else would you expect at a Gold Discovery Days parade?

Sister Bonding Time

In just a few short weeks, my sister, who has been working for Craig all summer, will be heading back to Lincoln to start school again in the fall. It's left us scrambling to cross off all of those things we had been planning to do all summer. From helping me with my endless painting projects to giving up her days off to babysit when we need her, she's always been around to help. On Friday night Craig was able to get off a little bit early, so we could catch a showing of The Three Muskateers at the playhouse.

sister paint project + play tickets

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