Monday, August 13, 2012

{More} Summer Sensory Fun

Liam and I have taken advantage of the beautiful weather the past few weekends to experience some more summer sensory fun. Since these activities were all inspired by posts on other websites, I have included a link back to the original post in the caption section under my photo, as well as my take on the activity.

Original Post: The Kavanaugh Report
My Take: I was excited to try this activity when a large box I had been using for storage started to tear at the seams. The only adjustment I made to Nicole's idea was to give Liam a few old kitchen utensils to add texture to his painting.

Original Post: (she always loved) larking

My Take: This rice sensory activity is a great activity for those hot {or cold or rainy} days when you can't get outside.  I took Courtney's advice and introduced a few containers. Liam loved using the funnel to fling rice around the kitchen, and of course the green tray was certainly not large enough to contain the rice. It was a good excuse to sweep, though.

Original Post: Martha Stewart Kids
My Take: Martha Stewart can do no wrong in my book {clearly}, but I did make one minor adjustment to her idea: I used clear plastic hair ties rather than string to tie the ball. I also made these balls in two sizes-- one cutting the width of the sponge and another cutting the length. Liam actually liked the smaller ball best. He really loved using it to splash around and fling the water out of his water table.


  1. Liam just kills me with his cuteness!!

  2. He is so cute! He looks like he loves that water table!

  3. I love adding the utensils! I'm going to do that next time we backyard paint!