Saturday, August 25, 2012

You Know You're the Mom to a Little Boy If...

1. You find yourself attempting to catch your naked child as he dives head first into the blankets on your bed after removing his own diaper.

2. Your husband claims he's taught him all of his favorite words, including uh oh, and you subsequently have to explain that uh oh is for accidents-- we don't say uh oh when we throw things on the ground.

3. One of his first words was dog, and he's graduated to standing on the deck, pointing, and demanding that they sit.

4. You find yourself saying, "Liam, you need to sit down" more times than you can count each day.

5. His other favorite words are vroom vroom, whatisthat? (even when he knows exactly what it is), and poop.


  1. HAhahaha, I love this! What is with little boys taking off their own diapers?!

  2. Poop, oh little boys. I love this part about kids.

    1. His dad definitely taught him that one.