Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Man Date

I know it seems so cliche, but it seems like Liam went from being my little bald-headed baby to a curly-haired little toddler over night. I loved his curls, but his hair got a little unruly sometimes (here), so Craig and I started talking about getting his hair cut. I mentioned that maybe we should plan a trip to Cost Cutters or something--they've surely got experience dealing with kids. "Liam wants to go to The Man Salon," Craig said. So on Monday, Craig, his friend Brandon, and Liam loaded up for a trip to The Man Salon.

As much as I ached a little bit knowing that I wouldn't be there for his first haircut, it probably worked out for the best. Craig said he had to hold him toward the end, but overall, he did pretty well. When I asked if there were any curls left, Craig said, "Umm, well, it's definitely a boys' haircut." No curls. It's growing on me, though. I'm beginning to think he looks pretty dapper.


  1. I have given Leland a couple of hair cuts but now I am just letting it go. We will see how long that lasts.

    1. I'm jealous of your skills. I mentioned something about cutting it myself, and Craig told me he wouldn't let me near Liam with a pair of scissors. I wasn't offended. Even I realized how ridiculous that idea was.