Monday, September 24, 2012

Liam Lately

This kid is totally cracking me up these days. For example, the double fist pump dance. He does it to everything. The Wheels on the Bus. Head and Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. They all call for the double fist pump dance, and I love it. I also caught him singing along to Nobody's Fool on the way home from daycare the other day.

He's an explorer. He loves to check things out. And he's developed his own taste in everything from jammies to books. Trucks or puppies--perfect. Also Elmo--which is how we ended up with this little gem in our library. I took him to the little book store to pick out a new book, and that's what we walked out with. He was not letting go. And so help me if I have to read "Grover gobbles grapes while gazing at gray geese in the grass" one more time. I think I read that and Llama Llama Nighty- Night at least three times a night.

When I told a coworker that I was having a May baby, she said, "A Taurus. Good luck." Liam's determined (and a little bit stubborn), for sure. Tonight he drug a Rubbermaid full of Mega Blocks across the living room for me to open. But he's also loving and sweet and all of the good things that come along with being a Taurus, too.

That smile. Waves from strangers. Those giggles. Being greeted in the morning with "Hi. Puppy." I don't know if it gets better than this.

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  1. Haha- he is so cute. You should link this up on Sat laughs. We miss you!!